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Make the Most of the Second Trimester { newborn photography Oklahoma City }



The second trimester tends to be most women’s favorite. You finally start feeling better as morning sickness fades away, plus you get to experience the flutters of baby movement and the excitement of finding out the baby’s gender (if you choose to).

> Your printable checklist for your 2nd trimester <

Because of how great you feel and all the wonderful things happening, the second trimester usually flies right on by. Be sure to take advantage of that time, because things can get a little more difficult by the third trimester. (It can be hard to build a crib when your belly is the size of a watermelon!)

So what are some of the top things to accomplish in your second trimester?

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1. Tell the World!

If you didn’t announce your pregnancy in the first trimester, as many women don’t, do it now. You can come up with a super cute announcement or keep it simple. Either way, it’s time to let others in and share the love and excitement for your new baby.

2. Find the Right Provider

If you love your current care provider, great! If not, now’s the time. Whether you go with a midwife or OB, you should feel comfortable with the person who will be with you when your baby makes her grand debut. If your provider options are limited, maybe a doula would be the right choice. Doulas don’t provide medical support; instead, they provide pretty much every other kind of support! Find out more about doulas here.

Download the printable checklist for your 2nd trimester!

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3. Book a Photographer

Ok, I may be partial to this one. But you’d be surprised how quickly birth and newborn photographers fill up their schedules. If you’re interested in birth photography, find a photographer in your area and get on their schedule now. While newborn shoots don’t fill up quite as quickly, if you have a photographer you love you should go ahead and schedule your appointment. Those newborn days are so precious; you don’t want to miss capturing all the cute squishiness.


4. Get Educated

You probably did research in your first trimester, but there’s always more to learn, especially if this is your first baby. There are so many classes offered these days. I partner with Thrive Mama Collective, and they offer childbirth, breastfeeding, and home birth classes. Of course, many hospitals also offer similar classes. Take as many or as few as you feel comfortable3M9B3332-227-20with, but make sure you are comfortable in your labor, delivery, and baby knowledge as you move into the third trimester.
There are so many other things to do during this second trimester. Decorating the nursery, planning childcare after the baby arrives, buying maternity clothes…the list could go on and on. Do as much as you can in the second trimester, but don’t push yourself. You still have another trimester to go!


Want a full, printable checklist? You can download one here!


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