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How to choose a newborn photographer | OKC Newborn Photographer

OKC Newborn Photographer


I know newborn photographers all start to look the same. Our websites look the same, we talk the same, our photos even sometimes can look similar.

How on earth are you supposed to choose one?! Maybe you decided to use someone your friend used, or maybe you saw one person’s website and there was an image on it you liked. What should you even consider when hiring a newborn photographer?

OKC Newborn Photographer


Here is something I always ask my clients… WHY are we doing this session? What do you want to do with the images?

I know you want the digital images… but why do you want those? Not just to sit on your hard drive, right? 😉


oklahoma city newborn photographer


How do you want to see these images in 5-10 years?

Once you decide how you want to see these images, it will help you decide on a newborn photographer.

I consider myself a ‘hybrid” studio. Meaning, my clients get all their digital images from their newborn session but they also leave with an art piece (or the “how do you want to see these images in 10 years” piece).
OKC Newborn Photographer


Now that you know what you want from the session, where do you want it to take place? In your home, or in a photography studio?

My Oklahoma City newborn photography studio has many of the conveniences you have at home.

We have ….
a changing table
diapers & wipes
you name it.
I designed this studio with YOU in mind. I want you to be completely comfortable and at home while you’re here.


OKC Newborn Photographer



My consultations are always a free, no pressure way to meet in person and see if we are a good fit for your baby’s newborn session! I always recommend moms book their newborn session while they’re still pregnant. Contact me to set up your consultation (which is just a fancy way of saying… I’ll show you around the studio and we will drink coffee and chat 😉 )




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