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Top “bloopers” from 2016 births

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a “blooper” while photographing a birth. It’s all unposed and uncensored. But, here are some “bloopers” & funny moments from 2016!


Sweet moment between big bro and the newborn … and big bro #2 back there can’t handle the crying from baby.


This selfie between mom and dad was literally 5 minutes before baby was born! 3m9b1062-2

Hey, I even got to jump in on the next selfie!:) img_8015


When you find out your baby weighs 10lbs 8ounces!!



Best.birth.affirmation, ever. 3m9b1127-70


The family all gathering around to see the first photo of the new baby…..


Big brother is all….




How every single dad feels inside when their wife is in labor.



When mom’s doula works with me so often she knows right when I’m about to snap a photo … 😆




When you’ve been in labor for basically 4 days… sometimes you fall asleep during your baby’s newborn exam. 3m9b5599-254


Big sister was making goofy faces at me while mama was pushing!


When your husband picks up your baby for the first time….  hackneybirthweb-158



“Holy smokes, there really was a baby in mom’s belly!!” myambirth-131






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