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The *fast* birth story of baby S

Man, first baby for 2017… and she wasn’t playing around! I’d been texting with mom all day as she was in early labor. With a history of quick labors, we decided I should get there sooner than later.

I arrived at the hospital right when mom and dad arrived. She was in serious labor, but still smiling and talking and laughing in between contractions.

BurkeBirth2017BLOG-6BurkeBirth2017BLOG-1BurkeBirth2017BLOG-42BurkeBirth2017BLOG-41BurkeBirth2017BLOG-2BurkeBirth2017BLOG-3Hilarious story about big brother … when we got to the hospital, the nurse said she needed to check mom (check her dilation). This guy asked, “What does that mean?” (he asked the BEST questions the whole time) and the nurse responded, “Well, I need to check and see where the baby is.”

Without missing a beat, he pointed to his mom’s belly and said, “Um. I think the baby is in there.” Haha!
BurkeBirth2017BLOG-4BurkeBirth2017BLOG-5BurkeBirth2017BLOG-7BurkeBirth2017BLOG-8Working hard, pushing with her body while her team waited patiently.

BurkeBirth2017BLOG-9BurkeBirth2017BLOG-10BurkeBirth2017BLOG-12It’s a girl!

BurkeBirth2017BLOG-13BurkeBirth2017BLOG-14BurkeBirth2017BLOG-15BurkeBirth2017BLOG-16BurkeBirth2017BLOG-17BurkeBirth2017BLOG-18BurkeBirth2017BLOG-19BurkeBirth2017BLOG-20It’s amazing to me how quickly they change in that first hour of life.BurkeBirth2017BLOG-21BurkeBirth2017BLOG-22BurkeBirth2017BLOG-23BurkeBirth2017BLOG-24BurkeBirth2017BLOG-26BurkeBirth2017BLOG-25BurkeBirth2017BLOG-28BurkeBirth2017BLOG-27BurkeBirth2017BLOG-29BurkeBirth2017BLOG-30BurkeBirth2017BLOG-33BurkeBirth2017BLOG-31BurkeBirth2017BLOG-32BurkeBirth2017BLOG-34BurkeBirth2017BLOG-35BurkeBirth2017BLOG-36BurkeBirth2017BLOG-37BurkeBirth2017BLOG-38BurkeBirth2017BLOG-39BurkeBirth2017BLOG-40

K & I – thank you for asking me to photograph this sweet girl’s birth! It was a privilege and such a fun way to kick off 2017:)


I’m now booking well into Summer 2017, so please contact me ASAP if you’re interested in birth photography


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