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Ada Oklahoma Birth Photographer | Birth story of baby I

Baby I’s birth was one I almost missed!

Not actually, but it felt that way.

Mama progressed quickly to a 9cm as I got a call from dad and darted out my front door.

Thankfully, I made it to the hospital in time. I walked in to check on mom and she was doing her thing, laboring like it was no issue.

9cm, and she was asking me about the traffic on my drive into their city’s hospital.


I loved all the sentimental things they brought into their room. The jersey belonged to dad, and big brother’s photo was there too <3 3M9B98833M9B99523M9B99403M9B99453M9B9964

Mom labored so beautifully for her baby boy. Doing just what her body asked her to do. 3M9B99683M9B99913M9B99953M9B00083M9B00263M9B00293M9B00373M9B00433M9B00523M9B00623M9B0092

Baby was born a little startled and had to be taken to the nursery. That boy’s mom was right there holding his hand as he was born and his daddy never left his side.

You can see the joy and relief on mama’s face as she finally gets to hold her son in her arms.

D & L – Thank you for asking me to be your Ada Oklahoma Birth Photographer! It was a privilege to get to photograph the birth of baby I. You make a beautiful family and it’s been a joy getting to know you <3

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