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It’s always so crazy how, even in a big city like Oklahoma City, you can still be so connected with “strangers.” This sweet family and I realized we had some awesome mutual friends and the rest is history! 😉

Maryann had her family surrounding her for her first home birth. It was such a peaceful, fun and homey atmosphere. I still pinch myself sometimes, that this is my career and I get to do this!

I love her birth images, filled with laughter and joy as she endured the most difficult and rewarding event of her life!

Welcome to the world baby J, you are so loved! Here is his story!

Shoutout to Maryann’s birth team for being amazing and giving amazing to care to OKC moms!
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This mama and I become fast friends at CrossFit years and years ago. I had the privilege of photographing her first baby’s newborn photos back in 2014.

When she found out they were expecting #2, she decided she wanted birth photos too and contacted me right away. Y’all, I get soooo many 2nd time moms decide they want birth photos (and we’d they’d had them with their first baby). So, take note you 1st time mamas 😉


OKC newborn photography studiookc newborn photographerokc midtown newborn photographeroklahoma city newborn photographer plazaHawkWhatleyNewbornBLOG-3HawkWhatleyNewbornBLOG-6

This is one of my favorites!! I love getting mom with her babies all in 1 photo. Look at those sweet faces.

oklahoma city newborn photographer plazaHawkWhatleyNewbornBLOG-8HawkWhatleyNewbornBLOG-10

Ahh, perks to having the new bed in the studio!! These are some of my favorites!

Also, moms (and dads) always joke with me how awkward they feel when getting their photos taken. I always say, “I promise I won’t make you look awkward in the photo.”

and see? 😉 HawkWhatleyNewbornBLOG-9

See more photos on my OKC newborn photography studio 

oklahoma city newborn photographer plaza

HawkWhatleyNewbornBLOG-12HawkWhatleyNewbornBLOG-13okc newborn photographer

This is the image mom chose as a 16×20 for their home^ We have the same pose with their first baby!




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You’ve probably heard about unplugged weddings by now, but if not, let me enlighten you. An unplugged wedding is when the bride and groom request their guests stay OFF their phones. That means no photos, videos, or live streaming of the events.


Because guests are now actually keeping wedding photographers from being able to do their jobs! While the photographer tries to capture the blushing bride walking down the aisle, she’s foiled by great aunt Charlotte who is holding her iPad out so she can record it for herself. (Who do you think is going to get better results? The photographer the bride hired or great aunt Charlotte?)

It’s hard to believe, but a similar problem is starting to pop up at births I shoot too.

That’s why I’m strongly encouraging all you mamas-to-be to consider planning an unplugged birth. Why?

1. You and your family should be in the moment.

Now, this usually isn’t a problem for you moms. You’re kind of busy that day, right? And dads are usually right in it with you. No one needs to tell you to put down your phone and focus on your baby. But someone does need to tell your family.

I know the new grandparents are overjoyed and filled with excitement. But all too often they come in the room after baby is born and instead of living in the moment they are reaching for their cell phones. It’s only natural they want to take a picture of your beautiful baby, but this is their first time laying eyes on him, and they’re doing it through a lens. Ask them to keep the phones in their pockets and just soak in the amazing new life in the room.


oklahoma newborn photographer, unplugged birth


2. You don’t want others to share your news.

Social media has caused many family squabbles, thanks to family members sharing news that isn’t theirs. While some moms don’t mind Aunt Alice telling all her Facebook friends that she’s about to have another niece, most moms would prefer to make the announcement themselves.

There are also some moms who would prefer their child not appear on social media within minutes of being born! Implementing a strict “no social media posts until we give the ok” rule is a good way to avoid having your good news shared without your permission.


okc newborn photographer

3. Birth photography isn’t easy.

This one is a little selfish on my part, but it’s true. Birth photography can be tricky to master. There is a lot going on in a small space, whether you are giving birth at home or in a hospital. There’s also a lot of things you may not want captured forever (which is why a lot of my birth photographs are in black and white). People hire me for my experience, and I do my best at every birth to capture the experience from start to finish. But my job can be even more difficult if family members try to crowd in with their phones.


Of course, your birth is all about you and your new family! If you want to have family members take photos or live tweet your birth, go for it. The important thing is that it is your choice, not one that is being made for you.



Yukon OK Newborn Photography

In the “mommy wars” there’s one battle that seems to be the toughest: breastfeeding versus formula.

Many people insist that breast is best. Others swear by formula. But most of us land on the idea that fed is best. I believe that every mom has to do what’s right for her and her children. Sometimes that’s breast, sometimes that’s formula. And it may differ between your own kids!

But for all you new moms, I’m going to go over the pros and cons of breast and formula. We’ll start with breastfeeding today and cover formula next time.

Pro: It’s free!

Ok, technically yes, breast milk is free. But there are costs that go along with it, like a pump if you will be away from baby for any period of time, breast pads, and nursing friendly clothes. There may be additional expenses if you struggle with supply or latch – you may need to visit a lactation consultant (sometimes covered by insurance – check your coverage to find out).

Yukon OK Newborn PhotographyPro: Breast milk changes with your baby.

One of the most incredible things about breast milk is how it adjusts to meet your baby’s specific needs. The milk you produce in the first few weeks is dramatically different than your milk at month 4 or 8 or 12. Your body knows exactly what baby needs, so you don’t have to adjust anything.

Pro: Breast milk can keep your baby from getting sick

Yes, breast milk can help you baby avoid catching what you have! Your body produces antibodies and passes them on through your milk. Which is why doctors strongly encourage women to continue breastfeeding when sick most of the time.

Con: It can be uncomfortable or downright painful for some women.

Breastfeeding comes incredibly easy for some women, while others struggle. Some babies have tongue-ties that can cause problems. Some women have inverted nipples that make things difficult. Or sometimes things just aren’t working correctly. Whatever the reason, breastfeeding can hurt. However, getting help from a lactation consultant can often solve the problem!

Con: It isn’t always easy, especially for working moms.

Even if it isn’t painful, breastfeeding can be hard. Especially in those first few weeks when it feels like all you are doing is breastfeeding! And for moms who work outside the home it can be even more difficult. They’re balancing pumping and nursing, and trying to make sure they have enough saved up for when they are away from their baby.

Con: Pumping sucks.

Literally. Pumping can be super uncomfortable, and for some women it simply isn’t very effective. Plus you have to deal with keeping all the parts clean and sanitized, keeping your bags of milk labeled and cold and stored correctly. And then there’s the problem many working women face: where to pump? Not all workplaces have a good set up for pumping moms, making it even harder.

The truth is that for some women, breast is best because it’s easiest. But if you struggle with breastfeeding, it might not be best for you and your little one. That’s what formula is for!

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I don’t get a chance to blog all my newborn sessions, but I couldn’t let y’all miss out on seeing this sweet guy’s images!

His mom and I go way back. Wayyyyyy back. We met in middle school (we were both homeschooled then, and met in a co op)! I tried to find a photo of us together back then to include, but umm.. I just couldn’t find one… (they’re not embarrassing or awkward looking at ALL! 😆)

In addition to being an old friend, his mama is also a fabulous photographer. NO PRESSURE!! 😉

I like to keep newborn sessions simple, while still including things that are important to the family. Well, this baby’s daddy is a Star Wars fan (fanatic??). You’ll see!!

Enjoy the images!

midtown oklahoma city newborn photographeroklahoma birth photographermidtown oklahoma city newborn photographeroklahoma city newborn photographerGoodridgeNewbornWEB-31oklahoma city newborn photographer

I asked my Facebook fans if they preferred color or B&W of this image ^^ Click over to see the answers. Y’all surprised me with your answers!!
GoodridgeNewbornWEB-36GoodridgeNewbornWEB-27GoodridgeNewbornWEB-17GoodridgeNewbornWEB-39newborn baby asleep for his pictures in oklahoma cityGoodridgeNewbornWEB-49GoodridgeNewbornWEB-63GoodridgeNewbornWEB-57GoodridgeNewbornWEB-76GoodridgeNewbornWEB-83GoodridgeNewbornWEB-55GoodridgeNewbornWEB-48GoodridgeNewbornWEB-45midtown oklahoma city newborn photographer

A & G – I was thrilled to get to photograph baby T’s newborn and birth. Thank you for asking me to be a part of such a special time of your lives! <3 <3 He is breathtaking!


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