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In the “mommy wars” there’s one battle that seems to be the toughest: breastfeeding versus formula.

Many people insist that breast is best. Others swear by formula. But most of us land on the idea that fed is best. I believe that every mom has to do what’s right for her and her children. Sometimes that’s breast, sometimes that’s formula. And it may differ between your own kids!

But for all you new moms, I’m going to go over the pros and cons of breast and formula. We’ll start with breastfeeding today and cover formula next time.

Pro: It’s free!

Ok, technically yes, breast milk is free. But there are costs that go along with it, like a pump if you will be away from baby for any period of time, breast pads, and nursing friendly clothes. There may be additional expenses if you struggle with supply or latch – you may need to visit a lactation consultant (sometimes covered by insurance – check your coverage to find out).

Yukon OK Newborn PhotographyPro: Breast milk changes with your baby.

One of the most incredible things about breast milk is how it adjusts to meet your baby’s specific needs. The milk you produce in the first few weeks is dramatically different than your milk at month 4 or 8 or 12. Your body knows exactly what baby needs, so you don’t have to adjust anything.

Pro: Breast milk can keep your baby from getting sick

Yes, breast milk can help you baby avoid catching what you have! Your body produces antibodies and passes them on through your milk. Which is why doctors strongly encourage women to continue breastfeeding when sick most of the time.

Con: It can be uncomfortable or downright painful for some women.

Breastfeeding comes incredibly easy for some women, while others struggle. Some babies have tongue-ties that can cause problems. Some women have inverted nipples that make things difficult. Or sometimes things just aren’t working correctly. Whatever the reason, breastfeeding can hurt. However, getting help from a lactation consultant can often solve the problem!

Con: It isn’t always easy, especially for working moms.

Even if it isn’t painful, breastfeeding can be hard. Especially in those first few weeks when it feels like all you are doing is breastfeeding! And for moms who work outside the home it can be even more difficult. They’re balancing pumping and nursing, and trying to make sure they have enough saved up for when they are away from their baby.

Con: Pumping sucks.

Literally. Pumping can be super uncomfortable, and for some women it simply isn’t very effective. Plus you have to deal with keeping all the parts clean and sanitized, keeping your bags of milk labeled and cold and stored correctly. And then there’s the problem many working women face: where to pump? Not all workplaces have a good set up for pumping moms, making it even harder.

The truth is that for some women, breast is best because it’s easiest. But if you struggle with breastfeeding, it might not be best for you and your little one. That’s what formula is for!

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I don’t get a chance to blog all my newborn sessions, but I couldn’t let y’all miss out on seeing this sweet guy’s images!

His mom and I go way back. Wayyyyyy back. We met in middle school (we were both homeschooled then, and met in a co op)! I tried to find a photo of us together back then to include, but umm.. I just couldn’t find one… (they’re not embarrassing or awkward looking at ALL! 😆)

In addition to being an old friend, his mama is also a fabulous photographer. NO PRESSURE!! 😉

I like to keep newborn sessions simple, while still including things that are important to the family. Well, this baby’s daddy is a Star Wars fan (fanatic??). You’ll see!!

Enjoy the images!

midtown oklahoma city newborn photographeroklahoma birth photographermidtown oklahoma city newborn photographeroklahoma city newborn photographerGoodridgeNewbornWEB-31oklahoma city newborn photographer

I asked my Facebook fans if they preferred color or B&W of this image ^^ Click over to see the answers. Y’all surprised me with your answers!!
GoodridgeNewbornWEB-36GoodridgeNewbornWEB-27GoodridgeNewbornWEB-17GoodridgeNewbornWEB-39newborn baby asleep for his pictures in oklahoma cityGoodridgeNewbornWEB-49GoodridgeNewbornWEB-63GoodridgeNewbornWEB-57GoodridgeNewbornWEB-76GoodridgeNewbornWEB-83GoodridgeNewbornWEB-55GoodridgeNewbornWEB-48GoodridgeNewbornWEB-45midtown oklahoma city newborn photographer

A & G – I was thrilled to get to photograph baby T’s newborn and birth. Thank you for asking me to be a part of such a special time of your lives! <3 <3 He is breathtaking!


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Baby I’s birth was one I almost missed!

Not actually, but it felt that way.

Mama progressed quickly to a 9cm as I got a call from dad and darted out my front door.

Thankfully, I made it to the hospital in time. I walked in to check on mom and she was doing her thing, laboring like it was no issue.

9cm, and she was asking me about the traffic on my drive into their city’s hospital.


I loved all the sentimental things they brought into their room. The jersey belonged to dad, and big brother’s photo was there too <3 3M9B98833M9B99523M9B99403M9B99453M9B9964

Mom labored so beautifully for her baby boy. Doing just what her body asked her to do. 3M9B99683M9B99913M9B99953M9B00083M9B00263M9B00293M9B00373M9B00433M9B00523M9B00623M9B0092

Baby was born a little startled and had to be taken to the nursery. That boy’s mom was right there holding his hand as he was born and his daddy never left his side.

You can see the joy and relief on mama’s face as she finally gets to hold her son in her arms.

D & L – Thank you for asking me to be your Ada Oklahoma Birth Photographer! It was a privilege to get to photograph the birth of baby I. You make a beautiful family and it’s been a joy getting to know you <3

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Newborn Photography Oklahoma City MidtownBefore you had a baby, you probably didn’t give much thought to how to be a good visitor to a new mom. You just thought, “Hey, my friend had a baby! I should go over and see the precious little thing.” And that’s totally understandable. But once you’ve had a baby yourself, you see things a little differently.

Whether you’ve had a baby or not, here are seven ways to ensure you are an awesome visitor to a new mom.

1. Make sure you’re invited

Some moms don’t want visitors for the first few days or weeks. And that’s totally ok! Respect their decision by checking in with them before you just drop by. (And that means a text message – don’t call!) And if you don’t get an answer? Take it as a no. And don’t feel hurt by it. New moms are just trying to survive, and sometimes that means texts go unanswered for a while. Give her a few days and try again.

2. Bring food when you visit

Seriously, bring food. Preferably something the new mom actually wants. You can find out what she wants when you text her to make sure you are welcome. And if she says no? Insist on bringing something anyway. Tell her you won’t show up empty handed and you prefer to bring something she wants. But if she really says no and you don’t know what to do, bring something anyway, even if it’s just a coffee or treat.

Newborn Photography Oklahoma City Midtown3. Don’t insist on holding the baby

Some moms don’t mind passing off their little bundle of joy to their friends and family, but others may prefer to wait awhile. If you really want to hold the baby, ask politely and accept whatever mom says!

4. Make yourself useful

If new mom doesn’t mind you holding the baby, offer to do it while she takes a shower/goes to the bathroom/does anything that she can’t do while taking care of her baby. And if she doesn’t want you holding the baby? Offer to help out another way. Wash the dishes in the sink, fold the laundry piled on the couch, take out the trash. Find some way to help out while you are there.

newborn pose in flokati oklahoma photography

5. Don’t overstay your welcome

Entertaining visitors can be exhausting and even overwhelming for new moms. Don’t overstay your welcome, especially if there are other visitors at the same time. Most people don’t want to come out and ask you to leave, but juggling the demands of a new baby is hard enough without an audience.

6. Don’t bring your kids with you

Unless you have another tiny baby, leave your kids at home. While your bigger children are absolutely adorable, a new mom probably doesn’t them running around her house, bringing in their big kid germs. And you probably don’t want the headache of keeping your kids calm and quiet while you try to visit with your friend and see the new baby.


untitled-348-Edit-EditCANVASextension7. Take the hint

If a new mom says “he must be hungry”, and she doesn’t start trying to nurse him right then, that’s probably her polite way of asking you to leave. Especially if she’s breastfeeding! It can be hard to figure things out in the beginning. It can be an elaborate ordeal to get the nursing pillow just right, get the baby settled in and latched correctly, and she probably doesn’t want to do it with you watching. Offer to get her a drink or anything else she needs (like a phone charger!) then see yourself out.


I left off the basic rules: always wash your hands and NEVER visit if you or your kids are sick, but those are self-explanatory right? The important thing is, be as good a visitor as you can be! Being a new mom is hard enough without having to be a host as well.