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Man, first baby for 2017… and she wasn’t playing around! I’d been texting with mom all day as she was in early labor. With a history of quick labors, we decided I should get there sooner than later.

I arrived at the hospital right when mom and dad arrived. She was in serious labor, but still smiling and talking and laughing in between contractions.

BurkeBirth2017BLOG-6BurkeBirth2017BLOG-1BurkeBirth2017BLOG-42BurkeBirth2017BLOG-41BurkeBirth2017BLOG-2BurkeBirth2017BLOG-3Hilarious story about big brother … when we got to the hospital, the nurse said she needed to check mom (check her dilation). This guy asked, “What does that mean?” (he asked the BEST questions the whole time) and the nurse responded, “Well, I need to check and see where the baby is.”

Without missing a beat, he pointed to his mom’s belly and said, “Um. I think the baby is in there.” Haha!
BurkeBirth2017BLOG-4BurkeBirth2017BLOG-5BurkeBirth2017BLOG-7BurkeBirth2017BLOG-8Working hard, pushing with her body while her team waited patiently.

BurkeBirth2017BLOG-9BurkeBirth2017BLOG-10BurkeBirth2017BLOG-12It’s a girl!

BurkeBirth2017BLOG-13BurkeBirth2017BLOG-14BurkeBirth2017BLOG-15BurkeBirth2017BLOG-16BurkeBirth2017BLOG-17BurkeBirth2017BLOG-18BurkeBirth2017BLOG-19BurkeBirth2017BLOG-20It’s amazing to me how quickly they change in that first hour of life.BurkeBirth2017BLOG-21BurkeBirth2017BLOG-22BurkeBirth2017BLOG-23BurkeBirth2017BLOG-24BurkeBirth2017BLOG-26BurkeBirth2017BLOG-25BurkeBirth2017BLOG-28BurkeBirth2017BLOG-27BurkeBirth2017BLOG-29BurkeBirth2017BLOG-30BurkeBirth2017BLOG-33BurkeBirth2017BLOG-31BurkeBirth2017BLOG-32BurkeBirth2017BLOG-34BurkeBirth2017BLOG-35BurkeBirth2017BLOG-36BurkeBirth2017BLOG-37BurkeBirth2017BLOG-38BurkeBirth2017BLOG-39BurkeBirth2017BLOG-40

K & I – thank you for asking me to photograph this sweet girl’s birth! It was a privilege and such a fun way to kick off 2017:)


I’m now booking well into Summer 2017, so please contact me ASAP if you’re interested in birth photography


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The highlight reel.

It’s what you read when you scroll through social media.

The highlight reel is what you hear when you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a while.

And it’s what you see from photographers when you look through their portfolio.

I want to pull back the curtain, and show you exactly what you’re getting from Tavia Redburn Photography when you hire me for a newborn session! I hand-craft each and every image to be one you will love. Because each image is intentional and designed specifically for your home, I do not deliver 100+ images. You will receive 30-50 unique images that you’ll love.

I encourage you to ask your newborn photographer to show you a full gallery before you choose who to hire! This will give you an idea of exactly what you can expect.

Here is a full gallery from a recent newborn session:

okc newborn session, tavia redburn photographyoklahoma newborn session, tavia redburn photographytavia redburn photographyokc newborn with siblings, tavia redburn photography2017-01-09_00032017-01-09_00062017-01-09_00152017-01-09_00072017-01-09_00082017-01-09_00092017-01-09_00102017-01-09_00112017-01-09_00122017-01-09_00132017-01-09_0014


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I don’t know if there is such a thing as a “blooper” while photographing a birth. It’s all unposed and uncensored. But, here are some “bloopers” & funny moments from 2016!


Sweet moment between big bro and the newborn … and big bro #2 back there can’t handle the crying from baby.


This selfie between mom and dad was literally 5 minutes before baby was born! 3m9b1062-2

Hey, I even got to jump in on the next selfie!:) img_8015


When you find out your baby weighs 10lbs 8ounces!!



Best.birth.affirmation, ever. 3m9b1127-70


The family all gathering around to see the first photo of the new baby…..


Big brother is all….




How every single dad feels inside when their wife is in labor.



When mom’s doula works with me so often she knows right when I’m about to snap a photo … 😆




When you’ve been in labor for basically 4 days… sometimes you fall asleep during your baby’s newborn exam. 3m9b5599-254


Big sister was making goofy faces at me while mama was pushing!


When your husband picks up your baby for the first time….  hackneybirthweb-158



“Holy smokes, there really was a baby in mom’s belly!!” myambirth-131






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When I started photographing births, it was a brand new idea. Most people had never heard of hiring a birth photographer, because… why would you want photos of “that?!” 

It’s still an emerging genre, but I’m thrilled to have photographed all these babies’ births. Photos their mamas will have to look back on the rest of their lives to remember the hard work, the anticipation, and seeing that sweet face for the first time.



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Whether you choose an OB attended hospital birth complete with an epidural, a midwife attended homebirth, or somewhere in between, you should take a birth class! Why? Because you need to know what to expect!

A surprising number of women only know what to expect about birth from what they’ve seen on TV. And as a birth photographer, I can assure you that it doesn’t look anything like Rachel giving birth to Emma on Friends – or really any of the births on television! Not enough? Well, here are five reasons why you need a birth class:


1. To understand your birth options

Most women (in the US anyway) automatically assume that when they give birth, they’ll go to the hospital, get an epidural, and be on their way. But there are many ways
to give birth: in the hospital with an OB or midwife, at a birth center, or at home. A good birth class will help you understand your options and make the right one for you. There isn’t a wrong way, as long as you’re making an informed decision!



2. To understand your pain relief options

Even if you plan on having an epidural, it’s a good idea to be prepared in case that doesn’t happen. You never know how birth will go – maybe your labor will go too fast and there won’t be time! Or maybe the anesthesiologist will be tied up elsewhere, and you find yourself trying to deal with contractions drug free. Instead, prepare by taking a birth class. Learn some coping techniques and you’ll be prepared just in case. Not interested in an epidural? You may be interested in birth classes specializing in hypnobirthing or Lamaze.


3. To understand how birth works

A shocking number of women don’t know that the birth process isn’t over when the baby comes. There’s the afterbirth to contend with, but many women don’t find out about it until they’re in the delivery room. Birth shouldn’t be a mystery – you should3M9B3138-33-6know exactly what to expect, and that includes all the possible complications. Not to scare you, but so you will be informed. Finding out you need an emergency C-section is a lot less intimidating if you know what a C-section entails.


4. To understand how you and your partner will handle birth

Birth class isn’t just for you. It’s also for your partner! Both of you should understand what all goes into birth, and both of you should prepare for the big day. Do you want your partner to be there with you the whole way? Or would you prefer to rely on someone else like a doula? Or maybe your partner and your doula will work together? Going through a birth class will help you figure out what will work best for everyone.


5. To meet other moms

This final reason is really just a bonus! When you attend a birth class, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other women who are about to become moms too. Women who are going through – and will go through – exactly what you are going through. In addition to learning about birth, you might even make a new friend. Definitely a little extra incentive.


Even if you feel prepared for you birth, please consider taking a birth class. You can find them at your local hospital, birth center, or care provider. Here in OKC, birth classes (as well as other classes on breastfeeding, babywearing, and more) are available through the Thrive Mama Collective.