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You’ve discovered your love for photographing birth, now how do you find more birth photography clients?

Don’t waste your time paying for newspaper or print advertising. It doesn’t work. Facebook doesn’t seem to be working either, right?

Imagine being ranked #1 on google, having people begging YOU to photograph their birth and having a completely booked schedule. Sounds amazing, right?

These 3 (free) ways to book birth photography clients will have you well on your way.

1. Make yourself easy to find online.

What do you do when you’re looking for someone to make your son’s birthday cake?
Or you’re looking for a local nail salon? Or you need to find a new doctor?

You might ask a friend or ask on social media… but I bet you also turn to our good friend GOOGLE. And your potential clients are on Google looking for photographers.

So, how do you get on google where they can find you?


SEO stands for search engine optimization. People don’t (and can’t) pay money to be highly ranked on google. To put it simply, Google analyzes your website for keywords. The more relevant Google thinks your website is for a particular search, the higher your website will appear in the search.

Building your SEO takes time, knowledge and patience. BUT it is free! So, if you’re willing to put in some sweat equity, you can be highly ranked on google. How do you do it?

Publish relevant content …. A.k.a BLOG!

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I know, I know. Photographers hate blogging. You just want to take pretty photos right? Well, if you want to find people who will pay you to take their photos, blogging is essential. Start with a small goal of blogging 1-2 times per month. Remember to blog about things you want to rank highly for (birth photography)!

Bookmark this site, and read it often. She has phenomenal tips on how to blog and what to write!

book birth photography clients


2. Get other businesses talking about you.

Network with other small businesses and get to know them! They want to grow their business just like you do!

Give them an opportunity to talk about your business. Host a free event in their space. Give them beautiful photos to display. Offer a discount or promotion if their clients hire you.

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Find small businesses who also cater to pregnant women. Think outside the box a little. A maternity clothing store is an obvious choice, but what about the coffee shop a mom visits or the toy store where she takes her older children? Contact those small business owners and offer them a shoutout on your social media account, or offer artwork for their walls. Remember, GIVE more than you ask for in return!

birth photography marketing

oklahoma birth photography


3. Stay in your client’s minds, even after their session.

When you stay in front of your clients (and potential clients) through their e-mail inbox, they’re more likely to remember you. Facebook posts come and go, but an e-mail is a direct line to your client.

I WISH I had started building an e-mail list when my business opened. It is crucial.

I know it can seem daunting, but it is so important (AND, cough, free!).

An e-mail list enables you to stay in front of your clients (and potential clients) and be top of mind. So, when they’re thinking about hiring a photographer… who are they going to call? Or their friend asks if they know any birth photographers, and they remember your fun and helpful emails and pass along your information.

Most importantly, YOU OWN your e-mail list. Facebook could drop off the face of the earth tomorrow. You have no control over Facebook. If you’re relying on social media to book clients, you’re making a huge mistake! Take control of your business. Use social media as a tool to get people to your website and on your e-mail list.

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Get small actionable steps to implements these ideas to help you book more birth photography clients. Download the free workbook + guide!birth photography marketing

Which of these ideas will you implement TODAY? Tell me in the comments below!

I had the privilege of photographing this couple’s journey welcoming their first baby! It is such an honor to be a part of birth with new parents. Mama was just amazing! I was stunned by her throughout her labor. She handled it like a champ. It was so humbling to be around this birth team during labor. The environment was so peaceful and welcoming. Although the birth didn’t go exactly as planned, everything about it was so inspiring! I’m so proud to call this family, friends:)

mom laboring at home with her husband in birth tub
medical supplies at home birthpainting on wall at birthmom laboring in water tublaboring on bed at homebirthnewborn baby boynew baby in hospital

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My love of photography started with the birth of my first son. I thought buying a “professional” camera would give me professional looking pictures. I quickly learned that wasn’t happening! Here are a few tricks and tips I have learned along the way that help me get better pictures of my kids (with or without the professional camera).



1.  Turn off your flash

Using your on-camera flash does not provide the most flattering light. It’s typically straight on, very bright and causes harsh and awkward shadows.

See my poor baby Cooper, blinded by the light?



2. Find the light

You have to have light to get great pictures! If you don’t have a flash, where will you get your light? I encourage you to get outside or get to a window. The best time to shoot outside is right before sunset or right after the sunrise. There is a LOT to write about lighting, but I’ll keep it pretty simple here. When you go outside, try to get your little ones in some shade to keep those harsh shadows off their face. If you’re inside, get to a window. Most people have their dining room table near large windows, so that is a great place to start. Turning off your flash and finding natural light will dramatically help the look of your images.



3. Get natural smiles

This can be tough when photographing your own children. Saying, “look at me and smile!” usually results in this:

or this (the infamous “cheese” smile):

With babies, I like to make silly sounds or use a squeaky toy. Get your spouse to dance and act crazy behind you. With toddlers and older children I like to play reverse psychology. Telling my oldest “DO NOT look at me. STOP looking at me. What are you DOING?!” got me these:

Also, to get them to look into the camera, I will tell him spiderman/batman/buzz sometimes hides in my camera. Look closely, do you see him!?

I didn’t say this was a piece on great parenting, ok ? If all else fails – bribery!:)



4. Vary your perspective

Try to think outside the box a little bit. Get down on the ground or stand up on a chair. Stand behind them and call their name to get them looking over their shoulder at you. Shoot the details (their foot kicking the ball, their hand writing the chalk, their arm around their sibling…) or shoot a wide shot of everything in the room. Sit on the grass and have your kids run toward you. The possibilities are endless!



5. Keep practicing!

If I have learned ONE thing about photography, it is to practice, practice, practice! The more you shoot the better you will get.

I hope you have learned a little something. Have fun!

Need a gift idea for mom? How about a gift YOU would like to receive?

I am now booking Mother’s Day mini sessions. This versatile mini can be purchased for someone looking to…

…. buy for mom! What grandparent doesn’t want new pictures of their kids and grandkids?

…. buy for your wife! Get portraits of dad and the kids for mom to proudly display in her office, in her wallet or on her walls.

…. buy for yourself (or email this blog post to your husband and maybe he will get the hint)! A session for mother’s day of mom and her kids will be memorable and so fun!

If you book your session by April 1st you will receive an additional digital image, so don’t wait too long.

** 50% of the package price is due upon booking and the remainder is due upon delivery of your order. Your order will be ready by Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13th). 20% off additional print orders!