You're a busy (understatement of the century), sleep-deprived (3 hours is plenty, right?) mom and you've got a mile long to-do list before this baby gets here. 

Do you ever want someone else to just take over so you can relax and enjoy your babies, instead of being the one trying to organize the picture-taking?

meal planning and then changing a diaper before you scoot out the door to your doctor's appointment
. . . all while doing a quick google search to find a photographer

I see you mama ....

that's where we come in.

oh, you're in just the right spot girl!

I’m Tavia, and I serve OKC moms who crave beautiful images of their babies so they never forget any detail about the day they were born, or how perfectly tiny they were in those first days of life. 

I make sure mom looks beautiful in her studio newborn photos, while enticing (ok, maybe bribing) the older sibling (and dad, let’s be honest) to cooperate for photos.

Stephanie and I sprinkle in our #birthninja skills so you forget we are even in the same room with you during delivery & you don't miss out on experiencing these moments because you're is busy trying to take a photo.

Wanna know more about Tavia?

you'd find me at urban farmhouse, pottery barn & anthro (in that order)

if I had an unlimited shopping budget ...

if you're giving birth outside oklahoma, #willtravelforbirths

I am a wonderlust at heart

. . . a c-section
. . . hospital vbac 
. . . and a home birth.

i have had . . .




my birth photography bucket list

en caul baby 

breech at home


when I was 19

I married my high school sweetheart 

podcasts & Audiobooks > Music

in the car ...

My husband and i were homeschooled too!

we homeschool our 3 kiddos . . . 

now, I consider Tavia to be a dear friend of mine & recommend her to everyone! she cares very deeply about protecting women's birthing atmosphere & choices. This passion shows through in her photography! - Danielle

i can't wait to have another baby and hire tavia again! - Jennifer