If you’ve explored the idea of having a natural birth, then you may be considering hiring a doula. However, you might be surprised to find that a doula can be helpful in many different birthing situations as well! Or maybe you’re here because you’ve never heard of this term…doula. By the end of this post, […]

June 16, 2020

4 Surprising Reasons To Hire a Doula

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I was sitting in a movie theater with my kids in Yukon OK when my phone buzzed. I’m almost always on-call for births, so I grabbed my phone to see an inquiry come through from my website. But this particular inquiry said “Brandy Harris.” As in… my doulax2-midwife-friend, Brandy. As in, Brandy who went through […]

February 19, 2019

Magic Baby, a surprise baby after IVF | Oklahoma City IVF Birth Photography


  Have you considered writing out your birth story?   Baby comes, and you realize there is no pause button on life. You’ve experienced this powerful, life-changing event, but life keeps moving. Let’s be real. It’s hard to even find time to shower or eat a snack, much less sit down to write beautiful prose about […]

December 14, 2018

How and Why to Write Your Birth Story

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Birth should be magical, beautiful, and empowering.     But sometimes, despite all the best intentions, all the right plans, and all the support possible, things go wrong. When your birth doesn’t go as planned, it can be heartbreaking. And sometimes, it can even be traumatic. That trauma can come in a myriad of ways, […]

August 1, 2018

How Birth Photography Helps Heal Birth Trauma


Haley is one of those people who you feel like you’ve known your whole life. Joy radiates from her and her family of 7 kiddos! I’m thrilled I get to share a peek into her birth story. She was a champion through labor, while her mom and kids waiting in the waiting room nearby (can […]

March 13, 2018

M’s Birth Story – Party of 9

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By the time you’re on baby #4, you probably know what to expect in labor right? Well, those 4th babies like to make their own special entrance 😉   This little baby was a surprise sex (which is always so much fun). Big brother was hoping for a boy, because he has two little sisters […]

October 15, 2017

I’s Homebirth Story | Birth Photography